Korea's core exhibition in the food industry



韩国国际食品博览会 2021

Dates: 2021年11月24-27日
地点:Coex Halls A, B

主办单位:Coex Co., Ltd (Supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)


  • TBN


  • 与海外买家的商务洽谈
  • 与食品经销商的商务洽谈


Exhibit Items

 食品 & 饮料
Farm Products Processed Agricultural Products, Vegetable, Fruit, Beans, Processed Fruit Products, Traditional Dried Snack
Sea Food Products Fishery, Crustacean, Seaweed, Processed Frozen Sea Food
Livestock Products Beef, Pork, Imported Meat, Delicatessen, Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Frozen Livestock Products
Dairy & Poultry Chicken, Duck, Egg, Processed Poultry Products, Milk, Butter, Cheese, Yogurt
Rice & Fermented Food Grain, Rice, Processed Rice Products, Salted Products, Fermented Products
Beverage Juice, Coffee, Tea, Leaf Tea, Wine, Beer, Traditional Drinks Makgeolli, Liquors
Grocery & Seasoning General Processed Food, Food Additives, Seasoning, Spices, Oil, Herbs
Health / Functional Food Products Vitamin, Mixed Grain Powder, Ginseng, Organic Products, Sap, Lactobacillus, Health/Functional Beverage
Pastry / Bakery Baking Confectionary, Baking Raw & Subsidiary, Materials, Bread, Cookies
Dessert Traditional Korean Sweets, Pizza, Hamburger, Sandwich, Candy, Ice Cream
Baby Food Milk Powder, Baby Snack, etc.
 Kitchen Equipment & Utensils Kitchen Equipment Meat Processing Machine, Grinder, Induction Range, Oven, Refrigerator & Freezer, Sink, Blender, Kneader
Kitchen Utensil Airtight Container, Pottery, Dinnerware, Food Containers, Home-baking Equipment, Hotel Equipment and Supplies, Baking Mold
 Café Interior & Store Facilities Furniture, Interior decorations & Store Interior, Showcase, Consulting,POS System, Coffee Roasting Machine, Coffee & Tea machine,Capsule Coffee Machine
 Food Safety Safety Products & Hygiene Equipment
Safety Flooring, Factory & Workplace Flooring, Hygiene & Cooking Gear Clothing
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