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Booth Options and Pricing

Thank you for visiting Coex Food Week Exhibitor Center. We greatly appreciate your interest in exhibiting at Coex Food Week.

As a potential or participating exhibitor at Coex Food Week, please contact the Coex Food Week Secretariat at any time to receive assistance.

Coex Food Week offers three types of booth: open floor space or “Space-only booths”, preset Shell Scheme booths, and Premium stand booths. Details on booths as well as utilities and other incidental services are listed below.

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Category Booth Type Unit Price (1 booth/9m2)
Early Bird
Space-Only Booth 3,000 USD
Shell Scheme Booth 3,300 USD
Premium Booth 3,800 USD
Space-Only Booth 3,200 USD
Shell Scheme Booth 3,500 USD
Premium Booth 4,000 USD

*10% VAT not included (Click to see the details of Korean Value-Added Tax Act Law – Article 25)

Booth Details

Option 1 - Space Only

Option 1 – Space Only

  • “Space-only” consists of only the allotted exhibition space in the exhibition hall.
  • A minimum of two 3m by 3m units (total: 18sqm) must be ordered in order to qualify for space-only.
  • Exhibitors selecting space-only must use one of the Food Week recommended service contractors to construct their own custom booth.
Option 2 - Shell Scheme

Option 2 – Shell Scheme

Shell Scheme booths include both the floor space within the exhibition hall and a metal booth stand plus other basic equipment. Full details are as below.


Booth Specifications

Booth Wall Size 1m width x 2.4m height
Company Signage Company name panel in Korean and English with booth number attached
Flooring Pytex flooring
Furniture One desk + one chair set (one set per exhibitor regardless of booth size)
Lighting 1 fluorescent light (40W) and 4 spotlights (100W) per unit
Option 3 - Premium Stand Booth

Option 3 – Premium Stand Booth

The premium booth package offers an impressive LED-lit, block-constructed style that resembles an independent booth while maintaining the conveniences of a shell-scheme booth.


For the premium stand booth, exhibitors can choose the booth design between several options. Options will be offered around September.

Booth Specifications

Booth Wall Size 1m width x 2.4m height
Block-construction on main side
Company Signage Company name panel in Korean and English with booth number attached + LED-lit
Flooring Pytex flooring
Furniture One desk + one chair set (one set per exhibitor regardless of booth size)
Lighting 1 fluorescent light (40W) and 4 spotlights (100W) per unit

Utilities and Additional Services

Electricity supply for basic shell-scheme booth lighting is included in the booth price. Any extra power supplies or utilities must be applied and paid for separately. Please see below for utility rates.

Utility Cost Details
Power: Single-Phase 220V Daytime: US $90/Kw 24 Hours: US $100/Kw Frequency 60hz
Power: Triple-Phase 220V
Power: Triple-Phase 380V
Domestic Telephone Line US $80/ EA Flat rate phone bill includes domestic long-distance calls
International Telephone Line US $210/ EA Calculation-free flat rate for domestic & international calls
Wired LAN US $210/ EA LAN only. WiFi unavailable as part of the exhibition
Water & Drainage US $250/ EA

*Above cost is for 4 days period

Allocation of Booths

  • Booth locations are assigned on a first-come first-served basis depending on the exhibit items, booth scale, and order of booth payment received.
  • Exhibitors will be notified when the Secretariat has completed 1st allocation of booths
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