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Visit as a Delegation

Due to Covid 19, Delegation program is temporarily suspended.

Are you part of a group that represents trade or international business for your country? If so, Coex’s official delegation program has benefits in store for you. Buyer groups from international trade bodies or overseas governments can attend Coex Food Week as part of an official delegation group of more than 10 buyers. Tailored services for your country and market will be provided to all delegations.

Program benefits include:

  •  Pre-arranged 1:1 biz-matching program
  •  One round trip flight ticket for the head delegation representative
  •  2~3 nights of accommodations for delegation members at designated hotel
  •  Invitation to welcoming Luncheon
  •  Interpretation Services (English, Japanese, Chinese)
  •  Buyers Kit (show directory, buyer’s guide, lunch coupon, buyer’s badge)
  •  Access to VIP Lounge (Internet access, free refreshments)

Arrange a Delegation Visit

Please contact the Coex Food Week Secretariat to arrange a delegation visit:

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